The Internet Moon Gallery platform emerges as a non-profit proposal to give support and place to the contemporary needs of artists who works through the Internet. Every full moon night is inaugurated a new exhibition in which artists and curators investigate and develop site-specific exhibition projects for virtual reality and 360 degree environments.

Internet Moon Gallery does not seek to export digital works into delimited physical spaces, its purpose is to facilitate the visualization of digital artworks into comfortable environments for the visitor such as the personal computer (PC) or their own mobile devices. Therefore, Internet Moon Gallery works as an exhibition space and as a research format in which each lunar period artists, curators and / or collectives work on the creation of site-specific research projects.

The contextualization of the gallery is introduced through a series of ironic-fictional audiovisuals that introduce the theoretical framework of the project and it’s operation.

Because the geographical location of the gallery, the exhibition calendar of the project is structured by lunar cycles. This reference to the times and natural spaces works in opposition to those artificially proposed and, at the same time, as a creative process and methodology of operation.

The finished exhibitions are accessible by any user through the online Internet Moon Gallery archive.