Diego Flores

Diego flores is a multidisciplinary artist born in a small and remote village of Extremadura, Spain, when he currently lives. He lived there most of his life, with the exception of four years, in which he studied Fine Arts in Cuenca (UCLM).

The basis of his work is the result of the collision between two elements which serves as structure of everything that conforms it, on one hand, the graffiti, with which does not keep nowadays a conceptual but rather formal link, extracting and abstracting the writing and drawing that are its own; on the other hand, the internet, the video games, new media and industrial design, having as references: Firsts video games with 3d animation, japanese animation, internet “trash” design, robotics and cyborg, the new aesthetics created from musical genres like “vaporwave” and in short, all the imaginary born of the most current way to conceiving the internet. the consequence of such influence, the result, gives rise to a work represented by the disciplinary variety, ranging from painting and drawing, to appropriation of physical and virtual objects buyed and found on the network, creation of GIF files and 3d animation, passing through mural and canvas painting using as main tool: marker, spray, 3d software and long sessions of diving inside the immense virtual sea.


Instagram project: @unaesthetic_gawd

Instagram: @dg.flrs

Facebook: Diego Flores