Rosemary Lee: Statement

Rosemary Lee's artistic practice investigates interrelations between technologies and living systems. Each of her installations manifests complex webs linking machines, living things and the environments which they inhabit. Working from research into themes such as media geology, hybrid ecology and posthumanism, her artwork brings together hybrid influences from conceptual art, philosophy of media, science, IT and literature. She makes an effort to use her artwork as a platform for understanding and responsibility toward the ecological effects of human intervention and technological development.

Notable projects include exhibitions Hybrid Matters (Nikolaj Kunsthal, DK, 2016), Artifacts (Palais des Beaux Arts Wien, AT, 2015), TRANSSPECIES/TRANSART (Dome of Visions, DK, 2015) and participation as artist in residence in the transmediale Vilém Flusser Archive Residency for Artistic Research (DE, 2014).


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Instagram: @ScarletGreenAndBlue

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